The best gelato and soft serves ever: where to find the *coolest* ice cream joints in Sydney

By , October 2, 2015

Ice cream has come a long way since the Italians first brought delicious scoops of gelato to our shores. We’ll never tire of the classic flavours of course – pistachio, amarena and tiramisu are our favs – but a boom in Sydney ice creameries means that we can’t pass up some of these gorgeous creations combining crispy bacon, deep-fried Nutella or black sesame balls

Behold these ethereal and monstrous inventions: from wispy soft serve peaks that could pass as Candy Mountain to chunky gelato malformations chock-full of ingredients to confuse your palette, we bring you Sydney’s best ice creams.

Ice cream made fresh from liquid nitrogen


[caption id="attachment_946" align="aligncenter" width="640"]N2 Extreme Gelato Sydney Photo by christy_tze[/caption]

We could go on about this phenomenon called nucleation-dominated ice crystallisation responsible for this freakish gelato invention, but we suggest you go and see it for yourself. Even liquid nitrogen-wielding scientists have a creative streak– so not only is your gelato made fresh in-store with LN2 itself, but the flavours also vary each week to keep things freshhh.

The world’s best gelato: the Mandorla affogato


Cow and the Moon, Enmore, Sydney Cow and the Moon, Enmore, Sydney
Photos by annachaannn and nadarusli

Yes, the world’s best gelato-makers hail from Enmore – beating the Italians at their own game. The gelateria’s own Mandorla affogato flavour beat ice cream artisans all over the world in the 2014 Gelato World Tour in Italy, making it a beloved dessert hot spot for Sydneysiders.

Peanut butter sundae soft serve


[caption id="attachment_940" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Hartsyard, Newtown, Sydney Photo by jizmine [/caption]

Gastronomical bliss = peanut-butter-and-banana-lined cone, banana doughnut soft serve, pretzels, peanut butter crunch, marshmallows and salted chocolate fudge. All on one plate.

Hartyard’s fomer dessert-wizard Andy Bowdy was responsible for this epic creation and has now started his own online shop. Check it here.

Stretchy Turkish ice cream


Stretchy Turkish ice cream at Hakiki, Newtown, SydneyStretchy Turkish ice cream at Hakiki, Newtown, Sydney
Sour cherry and melon & fetta. Photos by ekfairy and girlswhofeast.

All good things come out of Newtown, like this irresistibly stretchy Turkish ice cream – best for those who can’t help but play with their food. With flavours ranging from melon & fetta to sour cherry, who needs vanilla?

Fairy floss and choc soft serve gelato


[caption id="attachment_966" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Fairy Floss and Choc Chip Messina Dessert Bar Darlinghurst Photo by oliiviiii[/caption]

Ah, Messina – the only place where standing in line for an after-dinner treat brings back fond memories. You might be familiar with its stores (and queues) around Sydney, but dedicated gelato fans will be pleased to know that the store’s Dessert Bar in Darlinghurst offers true gourmet-quality ice cream and a regularly changing artisan menu.

Bacon + ice cream: combinations to confuse taste buds


Mrs G's Potts Point The BossMrs G's Potts Point Stoner's DelightThe Boss and The Stoner’s Delight. Photos by hongsta_gram and joshuavuong.

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert! You wouldn’t want to miss the restaurant’s Stoner’s Delight, a dish sure to leave your palette puzzled. It consists of doughnut ice cream, peanut dulce de leche, peanut & pretzel brittle, crispy bacon, a mars bar brownie, passionfruit curd, potato chips and deep-fried Nutella. Did we say your taste buds would be confused?

Magical and ethereal: soft serves in pretty pastels


[caption id="attachment_950" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Aqua S Sydney Photo by danijeljames[/caption]

Is it Candy Mountain or unicorn poop? The combination of cloud-like fairy floss, popcorn, toasted marshmallow, popping candy and weird and wonderful flavours– like grape and sea salt – is enough to make any sugar addict weak at the knees.

Ice cream in your favourite Asian flavours


[caption id="attachment_948" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Passionflower Sydney Photo by raphaelbicos[/caption]

Passionflower is great for those craving to feast on all of their favourite Asian dessert flavours – think green tea, durian, taro, coconut and lychee rose. This one is the Black Pearl – an exotic concoction of black sesame ice cream with peanuts and black sesame balls.

[iframe width="1050" height="500" src=""][/iframe]

What’s your fav place for ice cream in Sydney? Let us know below!

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