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My Hotel Story: Bianca's overwater paradise in Panama

By , August 30, 2017

One person, one story, one hotel, 10 images, all in one minute!

“You know the trips you wouldn’t have planned on your own but are glad you had reason to go on? My husband Daniel and I were invited to a wedding in Panama. While the wedding was a day-long affair, we planned a week-long trip across the country to make the most of it which, to us, involved drinking lots of fresh coconut juice and kicking back in an overwater bungalow.”

The concept behind My Hotel Story:

One person, one story, one hotel, 10 images: all in one minute.

trivago is about hotels. But first of all it’s about people: people like you, striving for the hotel experience of their life. Get to know the people behind the scenes at trivago, and discover their dream hotels and their personal stories.

This was Bianca’s private bungalow experience at the Eclypse de Mar Acqua Lodge in Bastimeto, Panama. If you want to read more My Hotel Stories, brought to you by the team at trivago, stay tuned for the next installment!