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My Hotel Story: Julie, like Julia Roberts, in Bali's most beautiful jungle pool

By , June 30, 2017

One person, one story, one hotel, 10 images: all in one minute!

“I just couldn’t stand the rain anymore. So with one of my super crazy friends, we decided to fly towards the sun. After being deep inside the Malaysian jungle without hot water or electricity, and being eaten by mosquitoes and loving leeches, we just wanted to have a ‘treat yourself’ day in Bali. We heard about a swimming pool around Ubud. Without thinking twice, we took our scooter and there…it was like a dream! It was actually a hotel. If only we had known beforehand (and if only we hadn’t spent all our money on smoothies) we would have booked a room. Since then it has been our goal: save up, go to Bali again, stay in this hotel and pretend we are Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love.” 

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One person, one story, one hotel, 10 images: all in one minute.

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