The Collectionist: Sydney’s ‘choose your own adventure’ hotel

Here at trivago Magazine, we love finding hotel experiences that are hard to forget and this Sydney hotel fits the bill.

Things are done a little differently at The Collectionist. For starters, the morning before you’re due to check in, you’ll receive a text message, along with a code and a link to a webpage that will essentially tell you everything you need to know about checking in.

As you enter the building that’s tucked into a back street of Camperdown, you’ll notice that there is no concierge desk. In its place is a large, glowing fridge, stocked with Young Henry’s beers, ciders and Bundaberg soft drinks. On top of the fridge sits an array of snacks – nuts, fresh fruit, friands and muffins.

The Collectionist is leading the future of hotel stays


By this stage, don’t be alarmed if you still haven’t seen another human. Give the mobile number next to the fruit bowl a call – a staff member will be with you in a jiffy. Once they’ve greeted you, and supplied you with your beverage of choice, it’s time to choose your room.

You’ll have already chosen your room type when booking – there are four different room categories: Bootstrap, Moonshiner, Tinkerer and Artisan. Depending on what type of room you’ve purchased, you’ll be shown to one of three floors, where you can wander between rooms, and choose the one that best takes your fancy.

The Collectionist


13 different designers. Four different types of rooms.

It’s important at this stage to take your time – no two rooms are alike. This is because 13 different designer and artists have been given free rein on each of the rooms and the end result is something quite impressive.

Murals cover the walls – ranging from abstract to cartoonish, from artists including Dion Horstmans, Brooklyn Whelan, Rose Ashton, Brett Chan and Daimon Downey. Plush, vibrant coloured furnishings fill up spaces in some of the rooms, while others are stark and industrial in contrast. The hotel truly lives the motto ‘Each to their own’.

You might think that TVs are a standard feature in any hotel room, not at The Collectionist. The hotel proudly stands by its TV-free policy and advises guests to bring a laptop or tablet if they wish to partake in any screen time.

Happy hour runs from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m., and during this time, guests can help themselves to the contents of the fridge in the lobby. In-room touches like ‘Who Gives A Crap’ toilet paper, loose leaf chai tea and marshmallows for your hot chocolate all go towards making your stay that little bit more special.

‘Artisan Rooms’ come with a balcony or courtyard, which are perfect for enjoying a romantic meal at the end of the day. All rooms come standard with a fully-equipped kitchen – complete with pots and pans, as well as a gas stovetop. Camperdown Cellars is a three-minute walk away and is home to one of the best selections of local and international wines in the Inner West of Sydney.

If you’re in full holiday mode, and can’t be bothered cooking, Newtown’s King Street and Enmore Road are just a 15-minute walk away. The bustling precinct is home to almost every cuisine under the sun. If you’re looking for a special meal, head to Continental Deli, a small deli and bar, known for its charcuterie, wine list and tinned cocktails. Nearby ever-reliable budget options can be found at Sultan’s Table, Thai La Ong and Golden Lotus.

Don’t let the unique ways of The Collectionist put you off – embrace it and go along for the ride. You just might find you enjoy it.